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You have found your way to our private tracker project for movies, tv shows, video courses, software, games and much more.

The primary goals of our project is to become your favorite place to privately exchange the best gems of your swarming endeavors. Our project is focused on three values Simplicity, Socializing and Sharing.   If those values mean something to you we hope you will join us, however if you're looking for a site with the largest number of users, peers or files regardless of quality and usability our project probably isn't for you.

There are a lot of trackers out there that have loads of similar content, so what makes Swarmazon special?

The simple answer is we want you to help us shape our community! We have created an friendly structure, we start by allowing all users to upload rather than having to apply for permission. Our welcoming administrators and moderators will review your first uploads and provide guidance and/or tips if needed. Once we've confirmed you understand the tools and your uploads have been verified, your account will be promoted to trusted and you will be unrestricted.

We start all users with a good chunk of upload bonus credit to get started, this way if you prefer to just seed the uploads of others at first, that's fine too. While seeding you will also earn hourly bonus points that you can exchange for upload credit.

Unfortunately, our project is still very young, this means Swarmazon needs talented users who are interested in actively exchanging content to help build a fantastic library we can all be proud of. For a limited time are accepting applications by user survey so if you would like to join our project, please apply using the link below. We will review your responses to be sure Swarmazon will be a good fit for you and your interests before sending an invitation.

Online Applications Are Now Open!

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